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Great looking optimised and responsive websites that get found and convert



Whether you are looking for a new website, at having your existing website refreshed or having errors on your website fixed Web Design Peterborough can help. Our team works hard to produce responsive websites that look great, are flexible, business focussed, with super simple content management systems.  Websites designed for all types of business and financial budgets.

  • Site redesigns
  • New website design and builds
  • Fixing broken or hacked WordPress websites
  • Ecommerce sites WooCommerce and Shopify
  • Search Engine Optimisation SEO
  • Ongoing Website improvement and technical improvement
  • Website hosting on dedicated high speed UK based WordPress servers

Our Proven Web Design Process

Over the last ten years we have developed the systems and processes that allow us to build clients websites in a timely manner and ensure they are built to budget.

  1. The process starts with a detailed discovery session to clearly identify what you want from the site. Depending on the site complexity will impact on the time required. Note – this stage of the project is one of the most important
  2. We produce a website structure and page hierarchy, identify all the key site elements and calls to action
  3. Using our dev platform we design the site ( so that it can be viewed interactively on mobile and desktop)
  4. You are able to critique the design and provide feedback – this is then applied as the site develops
  5. Once all the site elements are built, the website content is added
  6. After proofing and functionality testing  the site is made live
  7. Once live we perform a series of optimisation go live tests
  8. This is just the start – we then work with clients to help them improve site performance and conversion
  9. Then SEO clicks into place for more information on marketing campaigns

With Website Design you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression

Did you know, it takes less than a second for a visitor to your website to form an opinion about your website design?

Web design is an intrinsic part of demonstrating the quality of your products / services, your attention to providing help and customer service. Equally it should also demonstrate your overall business mission. As a Peterborough web design agency, we design and build websites around your customers requirements. This approach ensures we have a website that works for your customers / website visitors and acts as a business development tool and delivers the best impressions for your business.

With so many websites now on the internet its critical that websites today accommodate customer needs, are  visually attentive and feature a seamless user journey.

Effective website design allows you to get your business ranking on the search engines and promoting your products and services to customers across the country, and even the world.

In a highly competitive environment businesses need to make it a priority to listen to their customers and keep up with their demands. We have worked with businesses for over 20 years and help get your business geared up for digital activities. Our goal is to build a website that best accommodates your requirements.

There are numerous elements and components that go make up a successful website. To get the most effective site for your business, we will work with you at every stage to ensure it is designed and constructed together.

Our developers, creatives and marketers are always researching and monitoring  website design trends as they constantly change. Our role as website design experts is to provide the best recommendations to make sure that your business stays ahead of the game.

Our team of Marketers and Web Designers In Peterborough, collaborate with you to deliver a stunning, user-friendly website that provides relevant and engaging information to your users.

Whether you want a brochure website that showcases your attention to detail, or a highly technical and functional website that ooze’s  credibility; we can deliver. Our website designs are aimed at generating you more business.

4 Website Design Crucial Components


For visual elements and the front end, Website design is important; but Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial for the behind the scenes technical magic.

What many businesses don’t recognise is that placing information on a website isn’t just about making it look great, but also to ensure Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is performed correctly.

Content placement, meta tags, keyword density, header tags, image’s alt tags, the seo optimisation list goes on! All these factors need to be considered in detail and implemented correctly throughout your website, so that your website can be found within search engine results. Getting found on Google ( and the other search engines) is what will provide your website overall visibility.

A website might look fabulous when viewed on a screen (mobile, table, laptop or monitor), but if it is incorrectly coded and is unwieldy to optimise, this will negatively impact your website. If nobody find can find your website online, all the hard work that has been put into the design will go to waste!


Your website needs to look great but fundamentally its your business tool. By designing and building with the customer journey in mind, you can ensure they navigate through your site to become not just a visitor, but ultimately a conversion.

By incorporating great content, noticeable call to actions, carefully placed high quality imagery, you can navigate the user through the site and through the sales process. Ultimately a sale is the goal but we are also looking for phone calls or data capture ( name and email address as a minimum)!

For example, if you are a call out service such as a Gas Engineer, your website is going to look different compared to a website design agency.

You may wonder why the sites would look different, so lets look at the customer rationale.

A customer will contact the Gas Engineer in an emergency situation, so they need to get contact details fast! So in this situation, contact details and any call to actions need to be easy to find right at the top of the website!

For the website design agency, people tend to want to look at previous work and discover more about the consultancy. With this in mind, call to actions need to be spread out throughout the site to encourage the visitor at the right moment.

Understanding the importance of website design will contribute to enhancing your customer’s journey, so you have a higher volume of conversions.


Your website’s structure, architecture and design all have a significant impact on how easy it is for customers to find what they are looking for within the site!

In this fast paced digital world, our patience has reduced when it comes to finding information. For most people if they can’t find the information we are looking for within a minute or two, then we tend to give up! Therefore information should be easy to find; otherwise, you will frustrate your visitors and they will search elsewhere.

As with all marketing your customer is the most important person so think about what your customer is searching for an why they have landed on your website. Your core products or services should be prominently positioned and direct your visitor seamlessly  through the necessary steps for them to find out more information.


Finally, but still importantly, sites which are modern and exudes professionalism tend to encourage trust.

A poorly constructed / shoddy site is more likely to appear untrustworthy. Poor images, bad spellings and grammar poor spacing and inconsistent styling are all issues that will impact the trustworthiness of a site.

When a business spends time ensuing their website is functioning perfectly and looks great – customers take notice.

An outdated site, may make you think “are they even still open for business?”.

Trust is key element to building rapport with your target audience and a good looking website becomes a validation tool. If your website is unsecure/ broken / outdated or worse still you don’t have a website. Your not giving a very good first impression.

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